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Design Manifesto


Manifesto (n.): a public declaration of policy and aims.

My intentions for using design throughout my life span, is to create work that I enjoy doing and not wasting a minute doing differently. This manifesto talks about personal struggles and ways to overcome this idea. This piece is named The Countdown, because as humans we only have so much time on this planet to do what we want. We need to take this into consideration and find what we love to do and pursue that idea, this was a way to pull in the audience and wonder what is inside the booklet. This manifesto was created in the course Information Design; The assignment in this course involved using deep hierarchies, exploration of Muti-page design and using a complex grid structure. On this manifesto the use of play with typography is shown, but staying within in the restraints of a grid. The paper ranges from thin cardstock, textured paper, and thick cardstock. With different ranges of paper shows a variety of feelings one may feel as they read through the manifesto, creating an experience in textures and through imagery.

The Countdown: Text
The Countdown: Pro Gallery
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