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App Design

Food Waste Zero is an App that would be used to help solve food waste within your home. Everyday food is thrown out for several different reasons, one of the main reasons is because the food is forgotten in your own home. Once the food is found is tends to be expired or you just don’t want to eat it anymore. This app was designed to help with that issue and try to help save you money as well. When you go shopping you will be able to scan your receipt and it will manually upload what you have bought, putting it into three different categories… pantry, freezer and fridge. It will show when the food expires and give you alerts on how many days you have left. In each category you can say whether you thrown it out to track how much money you lost when throwing it out, give you points for coupons when you finished it, or give you recipes with that food. If you find yourself not being able to finish the food in time or going on a vacation, you can share the food with your community through facebook, food banks, or locations that may need it around you. This app was inspired in the class User Experience and Interface Design (UX/UI) and created by using the software, Invision Studio.

Other Works

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