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Glass Bottle Design

Black Forest Farms, Maple Syrup Whiskey is a created brand/line of product was made to create a spin on the traditional maple syrup or whiskey you may see shopping in a grocery store. It is meant to showcase the idea to indulge in something that is not typically found. This brand/bottle design was made in the course Three Dimensional Graphic Design. In this course, we worked with glass bottles because glass can represent “Purity, premium, and sustainability.” The type of glass bottle and brand was decided upon by each of the students. I decided on this glass bottle because it offered a lot of range and exploration. The brand is centered around the roots of a maple tree. The maple syrup leaf (shown on the front of the bottle) is made up entirely from roots. When a tree is tapped for its syrup it needs time to recharge or regain the syrup lost. The roots is where this act is accomplished, hence the branding behind the roots. Maple syrup brands are commonly very similar to a lot of other brands; I wanted to change the thought behind this similarity and twist the idea by adding wheat beer.

Black Scarlet Farms: Text
Black Scarlet Farms: Work
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